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As an intuitive psychic, I receive clairaudient and clairvoyant messages that I share with a client in my readings. Whether it is a question on career, family conflicts, finances, health, love, or relationships, etc., my reading is accurate, descriptive, and straight-forward. I feel that most client's are looking for either validation or have an sense that something is off. By the end of the reading, I want the client to come away from the reading with better clarity with their situation. 

We are all energy beings so being empathic, I feel people's emotions all the time.  A client can feel a lot of anxiety, or may need to make a decision about a career or their love life. Whatever the situation, I work with the client to find the best solution.

I help you connect with your true emotions, as well as the emotions of those important to you. This way, you will discern a positive direction to take in your life. I also conduct life coaching to help you figure out the goals you want to achieve.

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