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What a Strange Trip It's Been!

Posted on May 27, 2020 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Did you ever imagine that in the year 2020 you would be forced inside to fight against an

airborne germ that could cause illness and possible death? This whole Covid-19 has not only

caused medical issues but economic, relationship issues, as well as legal ramifications and

pointing fingers throughout the entire World.

At this point, I don’t care whose fault it is or how it happened or how it got here. I just

want everyone to be safe and back to their jobs, their friendships, and life! Or at least what it

had been before March 2020.

Raise your hand if you are sick of the words: Coronavirus, Covid-19, masks, gloves, and

social distancing. Now even the “Experts” are now saying that some of the precautionary

measures weren’t necessary. Who knows what to believe anymore?

No! I do not want to get into political and/or conspiracy theory discussion! Everyone

matters! If this is a Super Flu that is resistant to antibiotics then those that COULD BE affected

should stay home. Notice I said could be!

This has been a scramble from the beginning. Rather than throwing everyone into a

panic that EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE from this, there should have been some parameters

set up so that businesses of all types stayed open.

Instead of the Forced Quarantine by the Government, there could have been a lot more

research to understand what and how to set up better directions. NOW the people are rebelling!


It is 90 degrees outside! Not everyone has a pool in their backyard! No activity for the

kids! They are just supposed to stay home and entertain themselves? The natives are getting

restless and rightly so!

These Governors and Mayors of States and Cities that say and do whatever THEY want

to do, but point the finger and threaten arrest and tickets! Hypocrites! In a word, disgusted!

Stimulus check for $1,200? Unemployment at an all time high?

WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS? How do you explain the economic fallout, the shuttered

businesses and the Education system that just need to figure it out. Saying the number of cases

that are rising. Notice that the News never speak about the RECOVERY rate; just the death


This is not Freedom! This is SOCIALISM! Brainwashing at its finest! Stay home; stay

safe! How dare you go out without a mask on! Now the CDC says it isn’t AIRBORNE. Just

through droplets if someone coughs in your face (look it up!). It doesn’t stay on surfaces, mail,

counters - basically you cannot get it from touching anything! Masks are not required.

A retired Chicago Police Officer said last week: “You watch! There is a Storm

coming and when this blows up in all of these cities there is going to be an ugly war that will not

be contained!

Wake up people!

Happiness is Within You

Posted on May 6, 2020 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (1)

What makes you happy? The sun shining? Clear blue skies with an airplane or two flying overhead? A walk in the forest? Or sitting by the fireplace with hot cocoa and a good book. The nice thing about happiness is that it calms the system, makes one feel safe, relaxed, and content.

When we are children we are immune to chaos, deadlines, and expectations from others to be or do something to prove ourselves. For the most part we stay in a happy bubble. But then we start school and the work begins. We form friendships while our parents push us to be the best or do our best.

We are still happy but now there are those markers such as grades, sports or activities we join, and just the fitting into society. School and sports or activities (ballet, guitar, singing lessons) are helping us to learn from other authority figures while learning how to hone our social skills and making us better humans (or so we hope).

For some people they are never happy. They look to others to make them happy. It is seen with parents that put pressure on their kids to do their best (still important!) but is it what the child wants? Now don’t get me wrong! Children need direction but they still need play time (outside of sports and activities) to find some relaxation. Everyone needs relaxation. But a partner or relationship isn’t going to bring you happiness or a job you hate.

Yes, we all need money to live but working at something you love brings more satisfaction and usually more money because it is much easier to do enjoy!.

Fast forward to today.

WIth what has happened with the Forced Quarantine in each state, lots of people have had time to relax (because they have no choice)! But it still means that we can find happiness. So here are some suggestions:

Write in a gratitude journal on a daily basis. You have a lot of great things going on in your life. For one, you are alive and breathing. You have a family and friends that care about you. Taking five minutes to write: I am grateful for (fill in the blank) can be a positive way to seeing what you already have in your life. You have shelter, food, family, friends, etc. Look at the glass as half full rather than half empty. Writing every day can help God and the Universe to bring you more good things in your life! That is true!

Spending time in nature is extremely important. Breathing in fresh air outside, walking in a Forest Preserve or at a Park can make you feel calmer.

Digging in the dirt (even on an Apartment Patio) can be very relaxing plus planting seeds and seeing them grow brings a sense of accomplishment.

Turn off the TV and especially the News! Read a book that is non-fiction or a biography. If possible, sitting outside to read is even better.

Painting or coloring in a Coloring Book isn’t childish but can have a calming effect especially if you stay inside the lines.

There are lots of things that can make us happy. Finding the right thing that brings you up can make a difference for you today.


Project Clean Up!

Posted on April 20, 2020 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (1)

Since the Forced Quarantine has begun, I have spoken to many people about their

feelings and what to do while at home. I find this ironic only because the majority had wished for

an extra day to get their house in order or finish a project that has been left on the back burner.

Now is the time!

I think I get more anxious when I don’t finish a project so I am constantly doing

something at any given time. This has nothing to do with the Stay Home orders. It is just me.

Most people that know me will tell you I am always on the go, running around, taking care of

projects, on the phone, etc. Again, that is just me

At this time, many people have free time on their hands - more than they ever imagined.

However, it is a great way to spruce up your home. This doesn’t require a lot of money but just

some effort. In fact, a great time to declutter and donate things that you haven’t used in forever

including clothing and furniture.

When I had to move out of my home a few years ago it was under duress. I was going to

be downsizing and I couldn’t afford to keep furniture and was unfamiliar with storage units or the

cost of renting one. It was stressful for sure but after letting it go, I realized I was also relieved.

At first it felt a little sad watching my furniture and possessions leave but it was a huge

wake up call too. I was very connected to the bed sets, couches, and dining room furniture. I

just saw the dining room set at my former mother-in-laws house yesterday. Happy someone

else could use it.

I came to a realization that it wasn’t that I was so attached to the material goods but the

memories of those items. We buy things that are going to make us feel good including a dress,

shoes or a living room set. It makes us look accomplished or put together.

When we finally get rid of it from our choosing then we are happy that the item is no

longer in our possession. And for the most part we end up replacing with something that is

more updated or we just have to own.

I also believe that items have a certain energy to them. We give them our energy. This

may sound hokie but think about it. You come home from a day at work and you plop down on

the couch in the same spot as we de-stress or relax. Or we have company over and that couch

is a gathering spot.

I have a hard time going into antique stores. All the energy that is in those stores is the

people that had donated or given their items away. It is also a memory of ours. Telling someone

that they must get rid of their items now makes that same couch more important. It isn’t the

couch; it is the memory of what that couch represents to you.

Yes, we need furniture and clothing items. Yet how many items do you have that you

NEVER use or it is just taking up space? I tell people to take pictures of the item - a couch or a

chair. It doesn’t you are house poor if the house doesn’t have as much furniture. It actually

increases the amount of energy that moves through the house or apartment.

Besides the fact that those projects that really need to be accomplished can be done just

in time for the Stay Home order is lifted this next week.

Your Act of Kindness!

Posted on April 13, 2020 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Your Act of Kindness!

Yesterday was Easter for those that observed the Holiday and my parents 62nd Wedding Anniversary that my siblings and I were able to wish them Happy Anniversary on a Zoom Conference call. My parents were thrilled and it was the first time that we have used Zoom for a family “get-together.”

This Forced Quarantine can be a challenge for families that are used to spending weekends and Holidays together. I have heard some families using Zoom to catch up as a group or play Bingo or Trivial Pursuit. It will be back to some time of normal soon but it is wonderful to have an App that works for everyone.

Taking a few minutes a day just to check in with people that are alone can be a Life Saver. I am divorced so not really in contact with my ex-husband’s family. However, I was compelled to reach out to my ex-Mother In Law the other night. I am glad that I did!

She confessed that she is lonely. There are only so many jigsaw puzzles and News programs to watch. She has been walking up to the grocery store but trying to limit her trips. I felt bad for her but also was glad that I did make the call. I stopped by her house (I stood on the front porch) with an Easter Lily on Saturday and I called her on Sunday to wish her Happy Easter. It was good to be in contact with her.

It felt like a shift for me because I was only aware of myself through this Pandemic thing. I know of a woman dying in New York but it wasn’t from Covid-19! She had had complications from Terminal Cancer. The Media is also making sure to label ALL people that die as Covid-19! Pay attention people: fear mongering is the key to keeping this alive in the News!

I have felt bad for the lonely people through this but this was really the first time that I reached out. A good friend of mine said that she feels that the best thing to do right now is an Act of Kindness to someone daily.

I am grateful for being in contact with many people including my family and friends. It never hurts to volunteer your services (if healthy) to friends, family, or extended family to pick up groceries or prescriptions to drop off at their homes. Call upon those that you know are living alone.

Making someone’s day by giving them a call and letting them know that they are on your mind or volunteering to pick things up for them. This is not just old people that are lonely. We must sometimes reach out to start a conversation. We all have a phone these days so make the time to give your time to someone else.

Let your Act of Kindness during this time bring a change to someone’s world. We have all had days of sadness in the past. Now more than ever we are being called to be a Light to someone else.


Just for Today...

Posted on April 9, 2020 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Just for today, I will take a moment to thank God and the Universe for my life.

Just for today, I will be grateful for my family, friends, and acquaintances.

Just for today, I will be grateful for the sun shining, the birds singing, and the fresh air outside.

Just for today, I will stay away from Toxic News and Social Media fear- mongering posts..

Just for today, I will reach out to someone that is alone in their apartment and offer to pick up groceries or flowers for them.

Just for today, I will spend time sending healing throughout the WORLD so that this can end soon.

Just for today, I will do deep breathing exercises and meditate to relax my thoughts.

Just for today, I will KNOW that our WORLD will unite and be together again.

Just for today, I KNOW that EVERYONE matters.

We are stronger than this Coronavirus.

There will be a Cure.

We are in this together.

We are ONE.


You Are not Alone!

Posted on April 6, 2020 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Into the third week of self quarantine here in Illinois (some states are a little behind but not by much) but feels much longer. For those that live alone it can be pretty lonely. One of my good friends that lives alone says that she tries to find activities to keep depression at bay. She isn’t the only one having some issues. There is a larger number of anxious and depressed people struggling through this lockdown. Here are a few ways to alleviate an anxiety attack:

1. Breathing Exercises

During an anxiety attack a person starts to hyperventilate (or take in rapid breaths cutting off the carbon dioxide levels in blood and causing light-headedness). Learning to count to five while inhaling and then counting to five exhaling. Doing this for about 3 to 5 minutes will allow the panic to dissipate and calm the entire body.

2. Relaxation Exercises

Meditation and Yoga are useful to control the nervous system while relaxation responses when panic attacks set in. Meditation does not have to be sitting cross legged on the ground. Sitting in an upright chair or laying on a couch is just fine. If you are a meditation expert; great! Not everyone understands meditation to that level. This is about relaxing the system and symptoms of a panic attack. Taking a walk outside in the fresh air and breathing deeply can be a meditation. Laying on a couch closing the eyes and listening to a YouTube guided meditation for anxiety and panic attacks while drifting off works fantastic! Highly recommended!

3. Guided Imagery Exercises

This is a way to visualize a place that brings instant calm and relaxation to a person. For example: close your eyes and picture a beach scene with the sun warming your face, listening to the waves roll onto the sand, some birds flying low over the water. You can hear a few speed boats and jet skis rushing across the waves. The sun feels so good that you start to drift off while breathing deeply that your whole system feels happy and calm.

4. Exercise

Well this would ALWAYS be on my list! Physical activity releases endorphins flooding the body and mind with feelings of calm and happiness. Gentle exercises such as a walk or riding a bike (if accessible) are fantastic. Even the CDC (Center for Disease Control) is recommending walking outside at this time. Great to pep you up while calming you down. Plus losing some pounds as a bonus!

5. Call a Friend or Family Member

You are loved and you aren’t bothering someone if you reach out to them! Do not be afraid or fear that they don’t care! We are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! This is about your well-being just as much as the people that are fearing getting COVID-19!

The most important thing to remember is learning to dial down the helpless feeling when anxious. It doesn’t help to feel like there is no control over the mind when it is racing. There are therapists out there (I believe that they are Essential workers as well) that are on call. Reach out.


Stronger Than You Know

Posted on April 2, 2020 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (574)

Good day! I feel that during this next month we must as a Nation; World work together.

This is not a political discussion but more a lesson on life itself. NO ONE was prepared for this

situation! So making this a blame game is stupid and pointless.

All National and International Leaders are working together to make the best changes

they can for their people. What is the point of saying the China Chairman, Our President, or any

other Leader do a better job or aren’t doing enough? At this point, everyone wants a cure


I believe that there will be a cure because it is desperately needed. We can follow the

Guidelines by staying home too so as to not create more cases for the local hospitals that are

already overwhelmed at this particular time. Be mindful that those workers are working very

hard right now to help as many people in sometimes dire straits.

Thank you to all of the Medical Staff, the Essential Workers, and Businesses staying

open for all the people that need assistance at this time. This is a time to show thankfulness for

every person that is working extra hours and muscling through to be on the clock.

It is a great time to keep a Gratefulness Journal. For those that are rolling their eyes,

don’t knock it until you try it! There is a lot to be thankful for, especially now!

I wrote about Andrew Kap’s book “The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to

Read.” One of the methods he mentions is Gratitude Stacking. This allows one to write down

ALL of the things that you already have (present tense) and that you want more of now and in

the future.

For example, I am grateful for my home, the food that I am able to prepare, I am grateful

for clean running water, for a bed, for books to read, for TV to watch, for board games, jigsaw

puzzles, and playing cards. I appreciate ALL workers, businesses, and Leaders to restore our

lives and economy as quickly as possible.

It takes a few minutes every day to say THANK YOU to the Universe that I have good

things in my life. I appreciate and acknowledge that I will continue to strive and thrive at this

time. There are so many things that you could mention right now! How about your LIFE? How

about this: you are alive!

I am sorry for those that have lost their lives to the Covid-19 and pray for their families

and loved ones at this time. I keep those in prayer every day. I continue to send strong healing

throughout the WORLD morning and night.

We are STRONG and WE ARE RECOVERING NOW. Know it to be true! Manifest your

reality that we are stronger than this Covid-19. Stand behind ALL of the Leaders. At this time,

hating any Leader proves nothing. This is time for all of us to be ONE against the COVID-19

that is decimating all Nations.

Stay safe! Stay home! You are stronger than you realize and Will make it through this


Unite and Conquer Together

Posted on March 23, 2020 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (1)

I am sure I am not the only one that is keeping a Social Distancing from the News, Social Media Rants, and Doomsday Advocates. This was a wake up call for the PLANET! It has been reported that globally the ecosystem has taken a turn for the better. CNN reported that in China the average number of “good quality air days” increased 21.5% in February, compared to the same period last year, according to China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment. Air pollution has decreased in China’s larger cities due to shuttering of factories, air traffic, and vehicles from the forced quarantine.


This forced quarantine is necessary for the health of people but it is not great for the economy nor social interaction. Most people would be thrilled to have a few days off from work stresses, right? That is so not true!


People thrive from their daily routines. Work is not only a necessity for a paycheck but keeps us mentally and emotionally balanced. We can whine and complain about our co-workers, staff, students, customers, or clients but what would you do if you didn’t have them in your life? Well we are finding out in a big way. I am positive a solution to this COVID-19 is found fairly quickly. I refuse to watch the News right now. I check in and then turn it off. Yes, I care but instead of who is to blame for this debacle, I would rather focus on getting to the remedy for the economy and well being of all.


It is sad to hear of the deaths of so many people. I am sorry for them. This is definitely affecting everyone! Most are following their Government’s protocol to stay safe. There are always those that will NOT do so. However, I am STILL NOT going to shame anyone for leaving their homes! We are already being forced inside. Fresh air is ALWAYS good for people. It is inside the buildings and airplanes (just a tube!) that we are breathing other’s air or touching surfaces.


People are gross! I hope that this forces people to wash their hands or at least be conscious of maintaining good hygiene. I also love Clorox Bleach or Lysol Wipes for cleaning. I think my house smells like a swimming pool a lot because I have always wiped down my surfaces. I have just added door knobs, cabinet pulls, and light switches. Reminder to clean the inside of your car: steering wheel, seats, radio, car doors, and inside handles. Here is another way to help (this is not voodoo or hippy dippy either):


Send out positive energy EVERY DAY to the entire globe. By emitting positive energy, prayer, and belief that a solution is iminent, we are one day closer to getting back to business.


China needs us as much as we need them. We are all connected! This is true!


If  anything, this proves how much we as Nations rely on each other for business, expansion, and growth. Unite and conquer for a better world now!



This Too Shall Pass

Posted on March 20, 2020 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

This Too Shall Pass


So the Coronavirus is a real thing now. Was this God’s wakeup call to the World to practice self-care and self awareness? The entire planet is affected whether it is economically or physically. I want to believe that everyone is doing their part to not spread the Covid-19 to others by staying close to home.

Some people are not going to follow the mandated (by the President or State Governor) instructions of staying indoors. I have seen online a number of Tweets, Facebook, and other social media shamers that feel the need to point a finger to anyone that cannot follow the rules. Clearly not the first nor last time for rebellion. Just that it may lead to dire consequences for the individual or their family member.

I just saw on the news a beach down in Florida (how am I not surprised) full of people. Many of them were young; college age on their extended Spring Break. A young woman was interviewed stating that she didn’t feel that being out on the beach would get her sick. I cannot fault her for her views. Maybe she won’t; I hope she won’t get the virus. For her and her friends that were featured felt that they were immune to it.

This is a clear case of living her own life. Is it selfish? I am not sure at this point. Every news program, every article in magazines, newspaper, memes, etc. It is ALL that is featured! There is zero way of getting away from the fear mongering and gloomy forecast of the outcome.

EVERYTHING IS CLOSED! Social distancing is a mandate to prevent the spread of Covid-19. I have seen more people going for walks outside because like them, I get squirrely staying in my house all day.

I am not a huge TV watcher - anyone that really knows me knows that I cannot watch TV all day. Mostly because I am not a NEWS watcher and MOST programs are full of crap or bullshit. However, people have to do something during this forced quarantine. So have at it! Netflix, movies, board games, talking on the phone. Take a walk outside or bike ride. Keeping sane and calm is imperative. So maybe limiting the NEWS feeds might be in your best interest.

There is some good coming out of the restrictions. Many countries are seeing a decrease in smog, industry polluting, and clearer water ways for wildlife. It is nice to see some good news from the restrictions.

I believe that we are all connected and people just want to get back to their routines as soon as possible. At this time, it is important to stay safe for yourself, your family, and others that you are normally within contact. Stay safe and have faith that this ends soon.

This too shall pass.


This is Love?

Posted on January 30, 2020 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (10)

This is Love?


I love watching fairy tale romances such as Disney’s Cinderella or Snow White. The innocence of the first love of these young girls finding their Prince Charmings has really been what most young children see as the future for dating and possibly marriage. Of course, it is supposed to be a story that makes one feel good; sappy and sweet. Something that we all aspire to achieve as an accomplishment.

Now no laughing or gritting your teeth if that hasn’t been exactly the happy ending you experienced! I like to think that more people can identify with a Shrek-type story! An Ogre that is minding his own business swept up on a quest that finds the “right” girl in the end. It was still superficial in many ways but the beauty wasn’t the outside appearance but who was inside that mattered and what each was seeking.

Everything comes down to love? Can love matter so much? A good 80% of fiction books, music, and movies are about love or romance.

Fact: Cuddling, hugging, and kissing someone you love can instantly reduce stress, increase feelings of calm, trust, and security thanks to oxytocin, (considered the “love or cuddle hormone” that makes one feel tranquil and loving) while improving mood as a result of flooding our center with dopamine (a neurotransmitter that plays a role in pleasure, motivation, and mood).

As people we thrive on connection and interaction everyday. Thus the reason that people are looking for love. That isn’t the only reason. Verbally, mentally, and physically being connected can energize, and motivate.

For the most part what most people want is the following scenario: Two people meet, they fall in love, get married, have kids, and then life begins. True! Life becomes a lot more interesting when children come on board. It is love unconditionally. Putting time, effort, and money into the family can be a big yes.

All week is spent working, driving back and forth from the job, picking up the kids from school, sports and activities practices, homework, school functions, etc. Weekend rolls around and it is the kids’ sports to attend, neighborhood parties, vacations. So much to do in a week. The years go fly by.

The best days that feel like forever are gone in a blink of an eye. Where did the time go? How do couples lose the spark? How can something said so innocently turn into an argument or better yet an ending of a relationship? Where is the love?

Life gets in the way. We wouldn’t trade any of the fun times for the world. Yet the divorce rate gets higher by the time high school rolls around. Of course, the answer is money! It is also time to really communicate, be together as a couple, who does the majority of the work at home or raising the kids, etc. It is real for some; an excuse for others to move on to someone else.

Dopamine gets replaced with cortisol (the stress hormone). It becomes “too much” to talk about the problems: hidden (or right out in the open) alcohol/drug use, outright abusive action (mostly verbal but some experience physical. And it isn’t always the women that get abused), infidelity, and money. There is never enough time between work, kids, and family that have shattered the one thing that mattered most: love!

It is broken at its very core. The same person we would have walked in front of a bus to save, we gladly throw them under that same bus because of built up resentment regardless of their feelings and actions. Self righteous and justified. Those that refuse (because of course, it their spouses fault) to go to therapy have already made the decision to get out. Who knows? For many it became a toxic, negative, and bitter exchange that everyone in the house (drama) could feel daily. No going back! For what? The happy memories are minute compared to the accusations, passive aggressive actions, and victimization that ensues.

Then what is love?

If love is to be in our lives then we must also put forth effort, energy, and awareness. For without those, there is no “us” as a couple.

The fairy tale ending that was envisioned from long ago doesn’t seem to fit the mold of today. But it does have something that we all need in our lives: connection with purpose. Intimate relationships that are thoughtful, respectful, and loving can keep a measure of happy ever after in marriage and partnership. This is LOVE. When we are seen, heard, cherished, respected in all areas of our lives, we in turn pass that on to those around all of us. A mission that all of us can embrace!