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​Michelle Gray, Psychic Readings​



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This Too Shall Pass

Posted on March 20, 2020 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (4270)

This Too Shall Pass


So the Coronavirus is a real thing now. Was this God’s wakeup call to the World to practice self-care and self awareness? The entire planet is affected whether it is economically or physically. I want to believe that everyone is doing their part to not spread the Covid-19 to others by staying close to home.

Some people are not going to follow the mandated (by the President or State Governor) instructions of staying indoors. I have seen online a number of Tweets, Facebook, and other social media shamers that feel the need to point a finger to anyone that cannot follow the rules. Clearly not the first nor last time for rebellion. Just that it may lead to dire consequences for the individual or their family member.

I just saw on the news a beach down in Florida (how am I not surprised) full of people. Many of them were young; college age on their extended Spring Break. A young woman was interviewed stating that she didn’t feel that being out on the beach would get her sick. I cannot fault her for her views. Maybe she won’t; I hope she won’t get the virus. For her and her friends that were featured felt that they were immune to it.

This is a clear case of living her own life. Is it selfish? I am not sure at this point. Every news program, every article in magazines, newspaper, memes, etc. It is ALL that is featured! There is zero way of getting away from the fear mongering and gloomy forecast of the outcome.

EVERYTHING IS CLOSED! Social distancing is a mandate to prevent the spread of Covid-19. I have seen more people going for walks outside because like them, I get squirrely staying in my house all day.

I am not a huge TV watcher - anyone that really knows me knows that I cannot watch TV all day. Mostly because I am not a NEWS watcher and MOST programs are full of crap or bullshit. However, people have to do something during this forced quarantine. So have at it! Netflix, movies, board games, talking on the phone. Take a walk outside or bike ride. Keeping sane and calm is imperative. So maybe limiting the NEWS feeds might be in your best interest.

There is some good coming out of the restrictions. Many countries are seeing a decrease in smog, industry polluting, and clearer water ways for wildlife. It is nice to see some good news from the restrictions.

I believe that we are all connected and people just want to get back to their routines as soon as possible. At this time, it is important to stay safe for yourself, your family, and others that you are normally within contact. Stay safe and have faith that this ends soon.

This too shall pass.


This is Love?

Posted on January 30, 2020 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (1351)

This is Love?


I love watching fairy tale romances such as Disney’s Cinderella or Snow White. The innocence of the first love of these young girls finding their Prince Charmings has really been what most young children see as the future for dating and possibly marriage. Of course, it is supposed to be a story that makes one feel good; sappy and sweet. Something that we all aspire to achieve as an accomplishment.

Now no laughing or gritting your teeth if that hasn’t been exactly the happy ending you experienced! I like to think that more people can identify with a Shrek-type story! An Ogre that is minding his own business swept up on a quest that finds the “right” girl in the end. It was still superficial in many ways but the beauty wasn’t the outside appearance but who was inside that mattered and what each was seeking.

Everything comes down to love? Can love matter so much? A good 80% of fiction books, music, and movies are about love or romance.

Fact: Cuddling, hugging, and kissing someone you love can instantly reduce stress, increase feelings of calm, trust, and security thanks to oxytocin, (considered the “love or cuddle hormone” that makes one feel tranquil and loving) while improving mood as a result of flooding our center with dopamine (a neurotransmitter that plays a role in pleasure, motivation, and mood).

As people we thrive on connection and interaction everyday. Thus the reason that people are looking for love. That isn’t the only reason. Verbally, mentally, and physically being connected can energize, and motivate.

For the most part what most people want is the following scenario: Two people meet, they fall in love, get married, have kids, and then life begins. True! Life becomes a lot more interesting when children come on board. It is love unconditionally. Putting time, effort, and money into the family can be a big yes.

All week is spent working, driving back and forth from the job, picking up the kids from school, sports and activities practices, homework, school functions, etc. Weekend rolls around and it is the kids’ sports to attend, neighborhood parties, vacations. So much to do in a week. The years go fly by.

The best days that feel like forever are gone in a blink of an eye. Where did the time go? How do couples lose the spark? How can something said so innocently turn into an argument or better yet an ending of a relationship? Where is the love?

Life gets in the way. We wouldn’t trade any of the fun times for the world. Yet the divorce rate gets higher by the time high school rolls around. Of course, the answer is money! It is also time to really communicate, be together as a couple, who does the majority of the work at home or raising the kids, etc. It is real for some; an excuse for others to move on to someone else.

Dopamine gets replaced with cortisol (the stress hormone). It becomes “too much” to talk about the problems: hidden (or right out in the open) alcohol/drug use, outright abusive action (mostly verbal but some experience physical. And it isn’t always the women that get abused), infidelity, and money. There is never enough time between work, kids, and family that have shattered the one thing that mattered most: love!

It is broken at its very core. The same person we would have walked in front of a bus to save, we gladly throw them under that same bus because of built up resentment regardless of their feelings and actions. Self righteous and justified. Those that refuse (because of course, it their spouses fault) to go to therapy have already made the decision to get out. Who knows? For many it became a toxic, negative, and bitter exchange that everyone in the house (drama) could feel daily. No going back! For what? The happy memories are minute compared to the accusations, passive aggressive actions, and victimization that ensues.

Then what is love?

If love is to be in our lives then we must also put forth effort, energy, and awareness. For without those, there is no “us” as a couple.

The fairy tale ending that was envisioned from long ago doesn’t seem to fit the mold of today. But it does have something that we all need in our lives: connection with purpose. Intimate relationships that are thoughtful, respectful, and loving can keep a measure of happy ever after in marriage and partnership. This is LOVE. When we are seen, heard, cherished, respected in all areas of our lives, we in turn pass that on to those around all of us. A mission that all of us can embrace!



Posted on December 6, 2018 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (1145)

Intuitive Readings

I like to bring validation to a client when they sign up for a reading and also to let them know that their situation always can have a positive outcome. Staying true to form and being straight forward allows the client to get an answer that will feel right to them. Accurate and descriptive information can also allow a client to realize that I am picking up on the energies of their issue and/or person that they are asking me about for a truthful and honest perspective.

Life Coaching

We all have challenges in our lives that we want to overcome and feel more successful on a daily basis. Let's face it: life gets in the way! We have all jobs, kids, and activities and yet we still have a "dream" or a vision of something that we want for ourselves. I am here to give you the tools to bring you to the next level or assist you in finding that goal that much easier for yourself to obtain.  Sign up for a package and learn how you can make your goal stand out and make you a success for yourself.


As a child our fantasies of being something from a magical world or fairy tale was fun, happy, and encouraged to “go play” by our parents. We had costumes, play houses or forts made out of couch pillows and time just stood still. It was real because we could make up our rules as we played in this castle or in a battle against the bad guys. We made up the words as we played together and sometimes alone. Happy outcomes every time!

Then we go to school and those fantasies are discouraged or told that that isn’t “reality.” Unless a child is put in acting school, of course. For the most part, school and afterschool activities, growing up, and getting ready for the real world throws cold water on dreams that are “outside” the norm.

College should be an easy choice for kid these days and yet parents that don’t ‘earn enough” money tell their kids that going to such and such University is not even in the “cards”. Already a fantasy of being “somebody” is being squashed and the reality of not “making enough money” or “not smart enough” or not good enough” deletes the possibilities of being anything they want based off their parents income and

We still fantasize about something really want such as a beautiful house, car, or some place to travel but we say “that’s never going to happen!” We stop SEEING our dream because our reality has concrete feet. All of the the barriers we put up and for what? Man, it is so sad! It was so easy when we were little kids to have it all; be it all. What is different?

Are we not all just grown up children? Oh I know, we have matured (or just aged) but I have met lots of people that are not very grown up at all. They hold a job but they are more dramatic than some of the actors on some of the TV shows. WE tell ourselves based off a paycheck that we cannot have (fill in the blank) but it isn’t true!

Last Monday I stated that I plan on traveling by airplane once a month to a location for pleasure. On Tuesday a friend called me to ask if I was interested in going to Phoenix, Arizona (never been) and I said yes. On Wednesday, my sister called to ask if I wanted to celebrate Christmas in Salt Lake City, Utah (never been) and now my kids are coming too. I already am going to Orlando, Florida in October and spending Thanksgiving in Annapolis, Maryland. I always have travel spending money.

See your dream and make it easily obtainable. Be playful with achieving something; anything! You drive a car and it works for you. How hard is it really to drive the Ferrari or BMW? Manifest that it comes to you. Visualize you driving it and don’t dismiss it as “fantasy!” It was so easy to be a fairy princess! Be the fairy princess in the BMW! No difference just more lines on your face. ;)

Stop saying that it cannot happen! Let it BE REAL and it WILL BE REAL really. A material thing such as a house, car, travel is easy! I will draw the line at getting an actor and/or actress to “date” or “marry” you. But hey, stranger things have happened. Manifest your Reality today!