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​Michelle Gray, Psychic Readings​



Project Clean Up!

Posted on April 20, 2020 at 10:05 AM

Since the Forced Quarantine has begun, I have spoken to many people about their

feelings and what to do while at home. I find this ironic only because the majority had wished for

an extra day to get their house in order or finish a project that has been left on the back burner.

Now is the time!

I think I get more anxious when I don’t finish a project so I am constantly doing

something at any given time. This has nothing to do with the Stay Home orders. It is just me.

Most people that know me will tell you I am always on the go, running around, taking care of

projects, on the phone, etc. Again, that is just me

At this time, many people have free time on their hands - more than they ever imagined.

However, it is a great way to spruce up your home. This doesn’t require a lot of money but just

some effort. In fact, a great time to declutter and donate things that you haven’t used in forever

including clothing and furniture.

When I had to move out of my home a few years ago it was under duress. I was going to

be downsizing and I couldn’t afford to keep furniture and was unfamiliar with storage units or the

cost of renting one. It was stressful for sure but after letting it go, I realized I was also relieved.

At first it felt a little sad watching my furniture and possessions leave but it was a huge

wake up call too. I was very connected to the bed sets, couches, and dining room furniture. I

just saw the dining room set at my former mother-in-laws house yesterday. Happy someone

else could use it.

I came to a realization that it wasn’t that I was so attached to the material goods but the

memories of those items. We buy things that are going to make us feel good including a dress,

shoes or a living room set. It makes us look accomplished or put together.

When we finally get rid of it from our choosing then we are happy that the item is no

longer in our possession. And for the most part we end up replacing with something that is

more updated or we just have to own.

I also believe that items have a certain energy to them. We give them our energy. This

may sound hokie but think about it. You come home from a day at work and you plop down on

the couch in the same spot as we de-stress or relax. Or we have company over and that couch

is a gathering spot.

I have a hard time going into antique stores. All the energy that is in those stores is the

people that had donated or given their items away. It is also a memory of ours. Telling someone

that they must get rid of their items now makes that same couch more important. It isn’t the

couch; it is the memory of what that couch represents to you.

Yes, we need furniture and clothing items. Yet how many items do you have that you

NEVER use or it is just taking up space? I tell people to take pictures of the item - a couch or a

chair. It doesn’t you are house poor if the house doesn’t have as much furniture. It actually

increases the amount of energy that moves through the house or apartment.

Besides the fact that those projects that really need to be accomplished can be done just

in time for the Stay Home order is lifted this next week.

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