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Michelle The Intuitive Reader LLC

Michelle Gray, Intuitive Readings, Mediumship, and Certified Life Coach 




Posted on June 10, 2020 at 11:20 AM

Well if this hasn’t been a shit show this year! I don’t know what else to say! Between the

misinformation about Covid-19 and now the Protests. Yesterday we were all going to die! We

ALL were getting it and we all had to stay away from each other! Now, maybe wear a mask?

Don’t wear a mask? Why wear a mask?

Last month, it was for sure that cases were going up and now they are not! The World

Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control cannot make up their minds if we are

ALL dying, some dying, and whose dying! Stop it! I bought into it just like everyone else! How

many times have you heard social distancing and Covid-19 over the last three months? THREE

MONTHS! 90 days of “we are going to die” and now: crickets!? Really?!?

For those with compromised situations, it is a REAL thing and it is not to be made light

of! There are those that have lost their lives to this RESPIRATORY INFECTION. Health care

workers that have worked sometimes around the clock to help many in need. Thank you! I think

more people had it waaaay before it was called “Covid-19! But for the rest of the world that has

put their lives on hold, their financials and livelihoods just deal with it? Who is PAYING FOR

THE FALLOUT?!? I have been to four states! Four! Not one place has mandatory masks;

sometimes, yes! Other times, no. Now they are saying don’t use them. Airplanes have half

people having them on and some people that refuse.

I haphazardly wear it and when I see that others don’t I take it off. I really don’t

understand the people in the cars with no one else in there with them! It is a known fact that

wearing the masks that are not N95 masks (those with the respirators) is actually bad for you to

breathe in your own air and it DOES lower your immune system! Look it up!

Now with the protests for George Floyd. People are NOT social distancing! Like at all!

Did Covid go away? No! Was it a thing? Maybe! I am sure that you know of someone or have

had a family or friend that had it. If so, I am so sorry. But it still makes no sense to me! Each

State is making it up as they go along. And for anyone that has anything derogatory to say

about the protests! Stop now! That ROGUE cop to kneel on anyone’s neck! Why? And not one

of those cops did anything! I am so sorry for those family members that had to watch and were

helpless to rescue this man. Is he a hero? No. But he became the sign to change ways of

dealing with judgment, misconceived perceptions based off of old prejudices!

When are we going to learn? As Americans, we are all ethnicities! It has been a VERY

LONG TIME that we married into our own ethnic group. We are just a bunch of mutts running

around. Straight, gay, and the like! This is a year of change for sure! It is time we learned to

tolerate and embrace EVERYONE equally!


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