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​Michelle Gray, Psychic Readings​



What a Strange Trip It's Been!

Posted on May 27, 2020 at 10:55 AM

Did you ever imagine that in the year 2020 you would be forced inside to fight against an

airborne germ that could cause illness and possible death? This whole Covid-19 has not only

caused medical issues but economic, relationship issues, as well as legal ramifications and

pointing fingers throughout the entire World.

At this point, I don’t care whose fault it is or how it happened or how it got here. I just

want everyone to be safe and back to their jobs, their friendships, and life! Or at least what it

had been before March 2020.

Raise your hand if you are sick of the words: Coronavirus, Covid-19, masks, gloves, and

social distancing. Now even the “Experts” are now saying that some of the precautionary

measures weren’t necessary. Who knows what to believe anymore?

No! I do not want to get into political and/or conspiracy theory discussion! Everyone

matters! If this is a Super Flu that is resistant to antibiotics then those that COULD BE affected

should stay home. Notice I said could be!

This has been a scramble from the beginning. Rather than throwing everyone into a

panic that EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE from this, there should have been some parameters

set up so that businesses of all types stayed open.

Instead of the Forced Quarantine by the Government, there could have been a lot more

research to understand what and how to set up better directions. NOW the people are rebelling!


It is 90 degrees outside! Not everyone has a pool in their backyard! No activity for the

kids! They are just supposed to stay home and entertain themselves? The natives are getting

restless and rightly so!

These Governors and Mayors of States and Cities that say and do whatever THEY want

to do, but point the finger and threaten arrest and tickets! Hypocrites! In a word, disgusted!

Stimulus check for $1,200? Unemployment at an all time high?

WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS? How do you explain the economic fallout, the shuttered

businesses and the Education system that just need to figure it out. Saying the number of cases

that are rising. Notice that the News never speak about the RECOVERY rate; just the death


This is not Freedom! This is SOCIALISM! Brainwashing at its finest! Stay home; stay

safe! How dare you go out without a mask on! Now the CDC says it isn’t AIRBORNE. Just

through droplets if someone coughs in your face (look it up!). It doesn’t stay on surfaces, mail,

counters - basically you cannot get it from touching anything! Masks are not required.

A retired Chicago Police Officer said last week: “You watch! There is a Storm

coming and when this blows up in all of these cities there is going to be an ugly war that will not

be contained!

Wake up people!

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