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​Michelle Gray, Psychic Readings​

Psychic/Medium Readings

I was always fascinated by psychics and mediums however, when I was growing up I had some prophetic dreams. When I spoke about my dreams to my parents and what I saw, I was told that it was nonsense. So not necessarily encouraged to believe in psychics. It wasn't until after my divorce that I really became awake while taking psychic and mediumship classes. It was through psychic/mediumship classes that I started to receive a lot of messages. I would see and hear messages that would give me goosebumps, ringing in my ear, and just felt accurate. Once started it has only become stronger. Whether it is a question on career, family conflicts, finances, health, love, or relationships, etc., my psychic reading is accurate, descriptive, and straight-forward. However, I will give evidential messages from Spirit with a Mediumship reading. Client's are looking for validation, loved ones connection and/or have a sense that something is off. By the end of the session, I want the client to come away from the reading with better clarity.

My other area of expertise is fitness which I have been certified 36 years. People can ask me questions about the body which I will be happy to discuss.

Psychic/Medium Readings, Life Coach Sessions, and Energy Healings can be in person, by phone, Zoom session, Psychic Parties, Medium Gallery, Email readings, and text readings.

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Psychic Readings